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Title: Next Time - Chapter 2

Author: fullyvisible (irishflute on

Words: 3,000

Rating: K+ (Brief allusion to past suicide attempt)

Summary: Dave isn’t sure how to react when he sees a familiar name on his class roster at NYU.

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Title: Conventionality Belongs To Yesterday (also on AO3)
Chapter: Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes Makes Me Wanna Barf - 4 / ?
Author: slythatheart
Complete: No
Rating: Explicit (eventually)
Warnings: None that I can think of
Words: Approx 4,300 (13,400 total so far)
Grease rewrite, with a twist. Recast with Glee characters and told from the perspective of Rizzo and Kenickie (aka Sebastian “Bassy” Smythe and Dave Karofsky). Written because the image of Dave Karofsky in a T-Birds outfit with greased hair and a cigarette behind his ear haunts me.
Authors Notes: 
Some of the dialogue has been changed for obvious reasons, but I’ve tried to keep it as close as possible. Also for the first (and possibly only) time I’m incorporating one of the songs as though they are actually singing it. 


arts from russian Glee Big Bang х)


generation kill au for my friend’s fanfiction

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Authors: aggressiveeyerolling and vkdemon
Ship: Sebastian/Dave
Genre: AU, D/s, drama, h/c, romance
Rating: NC17
Warnings (this chapter): brief subdrop
Words: ~5 300/94 000
Summary: Elite, handsome, rich and Dominant. Sebastian has everything in life but a sub. He finds one with a fire under his skin and emptiness in his heart. Sebastian finds himself questioning everything because of the fragile but fighting David.

Chapter 19: | AO3


Title: Right for Us

Author: fullyvisible (irishflute on

Words: 1,500

Rating: K+ (brief language)

Summary: Reaction Fic to 5x01. After helping with Blaine’s proposal, Sebastian just wants to be with his boyfriend, Dave.

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another generation kill au for my friend’s fanfiction


AU: Instead of Blaine, it’s Sebastian who helps Kurt deal with Dave. Things go from there. [fanfiction version]


Title: burning on the inside
Rating: T
Words: ~7 3 69 
Genre: Alternative Universe, humor, angst
Characters: Sebastian, Dave, Kurt
Pairing: Smythofsky
Warnings: canon typical bullying and homophobia
Summary:  When Kurt goes spying on Warblers, instead of Blaine, he runs into Sebastian Smythe. Things only get worse from then. [Sort of compatible with this photoset.]
A/N: There’s nothing graphic in this one, hence the T rating, but sexual situations and sex between an underaged student and older men are referenced/implied several times (Sebastian is the main character after all, lol.). I feel really bad about not doing anything for the Smythofsky Week, so I hope you’ll enjoy this! Also I suppose a story like this must already exist (it seems like such an obvious AU to make), but I don’t remember ever reading one. I’m preemptively sorry for being unoriginal though!

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